Beginning Painting

Looking for a painting class that’s step-by-step, and designed for beginners? Our online painting classes are interactive learning experiences. They’re fun, easy and informative.

You’ll learn easy step-by-step techniques in a live Zoom session, and to ask questions and get individual feedback from your instructor.
You can use OIL PAINTS, ACRYLICS, or both in this class.

About the instructor: Diane Crago has been teaching painting for 45 years in corporate, private and school settings.

This beginning class offers a unique type of interactive online learning on Zoom which feels exceptionally personalized. Students will learn color mixing, value and composition as well as how to get numerous color effects with both acrylic and oils.

Student Testimonials

I was the redhead who drove in every week from Tacoma. It was worth it.

R.M., Tacoma

I liked the opportunity to learn the basics in a non threatening

Student, Washington
Nils, Just wanted to let you know that I completed my application to the Game

J.C., Seattle
Your teaching style was a pleasure to learn by and I enjoyed your class very

Ruth B., Seattle
Thanks for taking some time before the class to help me figure out which class

M.J., Seattle
I took the “Drawing for Absolute Beginners” course and it was wonderful. I feel like

Laina Mercer

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