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Colored Pencil

Looking for a colored pencil class in Seattle that’s step-by-step and designed for total beginners? A class where you can learn how to draw in color using high quality pencils, in beautiful, vibrant hues? Our Colored Pencil for Beginners workshop is a good place to start.

In this class, you’ll spend the time drawing in color, working from step by step materials created by the instructor, so you can work at your own pace, consulting with the instructor whenever you need help. If you’re brand new at drawing, we recommend taking “Drawing for Absolute Beginners” first.

Student Testimonials

I was the redhead who drove in every week from Tacoma. It was worth it.

R.M., Tacoma

I liked the opportunity to learn the basics in a non threatening

Student, Washington
Nils, Just wanted to let you know that I completed my application to the Game

J.C., Seattle
Your teaching style was a pleasure to learn by and I enjoyed your class very

Ruth B., Seattle
Thanks for taking some time before the class to help me figure out which class

M.J., Seattle
I took the “Drawing for Absolute Beginners” course and it was wonderful. I feel like

Laina Mercer

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