Drawing Faces and Portraits

In this fun, information-filled Seattle drawing class, you’ll learn:

  • How to draw men’s, women’s, and children’s faces
  • How to draw different facial types, and portray people from different countries and cultures
  • How to draw facial angles and expressions
  • How to draw the features: ears, noses, eyes, eyebrows and mouths
  • How to catch a resemblance when drawing from a photo or life
  • How to draw hair
  • Beginners are welcome

Student Testimonials

I was the redhead who drove in every week from Tacoma. It was worth it.

R.M., Tacoma

I liked the opportunity to learn the basics in a non threatening

Student, Washington
Nils, Just wanted to let you know that I completed my application to the Game

J.C., Seattle
Your teaching style was a pleasure to learn by and I enjoyed your class very

Ruth B., Seattle
Thanks for taking some time before the class to help me figure out which class

M.J., Seattle
I took the “Drawing for Absolute Beginners” course and it was wonderful. I feel like

Laina Mercer

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