I’ve now taken three classes with Nils Omar (Acting 101, 102, and 103), and – quite frankly – can’t recommend them enough for those with even a passing interest in acting/stage work. Rather than just repeat what others have said about how his classes are great fun etc, here are just a few things that really stood out to me. 1.) Nils is always (and I mean always) calm and soft-spoken when it comes to his students. He has a very reassuring way of communicating with you. There’s never any judgment in his voice, which is so helpful to newcomers. 2.) He’s extremely reliable when it comes to replying to emails outside of class – questions etc. 3.) It’s not just about the class time, either. I showed up to class about an hour early on one day to get some quiet time with a script, and Nils was happy to chat with me about potential career goals etc. before class started. That kind of above/beyond is a rare thing, and doesn’t go unnoticed. Overall, Nils’s classes are an easy recommendation, and a whole lot of fun to boot.