I can’t say enough AWESOME things about Nils Acting classes!!! I’m a new born entertainer, have no idea what the hell I’m doing, but Nils comes across as very inviting and informative. If you have never acted or acted for awhile, you ALWAYS learn something new in Nils class. Like most, I get anxiety and my nerves would be shot before I performed in front of others, but as time went on, and Nils is naturally encouraging, I learned the more I let go of my insecurities inside, the more fun I had (which is my priority in the first place). Nils has a way of helping you forget about your own personal delays and to focus on your objectives at hand. If you’re thinking of joining classesandworkshops for career motives or just for fun, DO IT!!! You won’t regret it and remember, the more you participate, the MORE FUN you’re going to get out of it and Nils is an EXCELLENT EXAMPLE of pushing you to do so. THANKS AGAIN NILS and EXCITED TO SEE YOU NEXT TIME!!!