Voiceover 101

Looking for an ONLINE VOICEOVER CLASS taught by an established professional voice actor? A class which is based in Seattle but can be taken from anywhere where there’s an internet connection? In this helpful introductory class, you’ll learn about the real world of voice acting, including how to have the best odds of making it in the business.

Student Testimonials

Peter Greyy worked hard to make sure that every student had confidence and successful material

Wes Warren
For anyone who has ever wanted – or not wanted – to be on stage,

Leah Warshawski
It is quite a process to go from having a funny thought or idea and

Kyle Riley
I enrolled in this class because I have thoroughly enjoyed all the Rekindle School classes

George Schnibbe
I cannot say enough great things about this class. Peter is absolutely fantastic. No matter

Jenny G.

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