Writing Fiction

In this class, students will learn about the elements of FICTION WRITING through a series of in-class exercises, as well as some assignments to be done outside of the class.

  • Exercises will include writing dialogue; writing action and description; creating strong and memorable characters;  writing fiction and non-fiction; getting a better understanding of plot and story structure; and more. 
  • Students will do some in-class exercises, then try their hand at writing a two short stories and a few pages from a novel.
  • You’ll have opportunities to share your writings with the group, and to get feedback from others in the class, and from the instructor. 

Student Testimonials

I liked the combination of handouts, presentation, discussion, and reading student writing for feedback. The

J.F., Bellevue
What a wonderful experience your writing class is!  I was amazed at what I was

Marianne N., Seattle
Hi, Nils: You may not remember me, but a few years ago I took my first-ever creative

K. Bashaw
Thanks again for the short story writing class this quarter. I found your comments on

Megan C., Edmonds
I liked the format, and the chance to things aloud…. hearing my own stories was

Bill K., Seattle
I spent two years not writing and getting ragged about it. I have to say

Andy J., Seattle
I took it because I was “stuck” in journaling, and wanted to shake myself loose

Marie L., Lake Forest Park

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