Poems by Nils Osmar © 2021

The dragon

I know the dragon by his eyes.
I know him by the way he flies,
his wings all green, his breath a flame
and when he falls to earth again

and finds me in the summer night
I know his spirit, and his light
and love him when he gently sighs
and folds me in his wing and cries.

I love the dragon when he cries.

In time

Lock all your good things safe away
The stars are ablaze tonight
Beckoning, beckoning: come what may
We’ll all be gone by morning’s light.

Down your farewells then, and your ale
The rigger steady calls
Trembling a mast that an atom sails
to space: in rending time she falls.

Sing to the waves now, and we’re gone.
It’s never an earth we’ll see.
Ancient the voice, ever new the song:
Sailors we are, and the stars our sea.

– Nils Osmar